Chris Minns declares victory, resigns to spend more time with family

Labor leader Chris Minns has today declared victory in the NSW election, before immediately stepping down pending an ICAC investigation.

“I had a good run,” smiled Chris. “It’s been an honour to be NSW’s third longest serving Premier.”

Asked why they had opened an investigation, the NSW commision against corruption explained they were just hedging their bets. “I mean, it was bound to happen eventually,” shrugged one Judge. “Might as well just get the first few resignations out of the way in the first day to save time.”

However critics have pointed out that not every NSW Premier has stepped down due to ICAC, with one of the last 12 managing to last almost an entire term.

“Gotta give it to Dom, the guy lasted almost 17 months in office without getting rolled,” explained Anthony Green. “Managing one third of a full sitting term – that’s actually a new record in NSW politics.”

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