Anti-trans activists advocating for the forced elimination of a minority confused why Nazis are siding with them

Anti-trans activist have this week reacted with confusion after Nazis attended their rally calling for the extermination of minorities.

“I don’t get it, why would the Nazis want to associate with us?” asked one attendee who has spent the week repeating 1930s talking points about minorities corrupting children against Christianity. “Just because I believe that society has been weakened by our excessive tolerance and I worship a strong-talking leader who says we need to return to a traditional, more pure, way of life that never really existed doesn’t mean I have anything in common with fascists.”

“All I want to do is see all material about trans affirming healthcare banned from public consumption lest it corrupt more people to its cause!” explained another protester, “that doesn’t mean I have anything in common with Nazis!”

“Wait, what do you mean that was a founding Nazi policy?”

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