$10 Kmart fan successfully moves 40 degree air around room

In a stunning turn of events, a $10 Kmart fan has managed to successfully cool a room from 40 degrees to 45 degrees after overheating while running for an hour.

According to eyewitness reports, the fan was turned on and set to its highest setting, which sent a refreshing breeze of oven-like air wafting around the room, instantly transforming it into an artic paradise, if the arctic we’re referring to is at post 2050 climate change levels.

One astounded observer commented. “Oh great! A $10 Kmart fan that moves hot air around in circles. It’ll go great with my $10 kmart toaster that can burn the bread on both sides!”

Despite its critics, the fan’s heroic performance has been hailed as a triumph of modern technology, with experts predicting that it could revolutionize the way landlords dodge the legal requirement to install cooling devices in their rentals.

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