Long live the ideas boom!

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Dear reader,

Turns out the Ideas Boom is not dead — it’s just been resting.

On Thursday Malcolm Turnbull announced that he had single-handedly solved Australia’s energy by inventing hydro-electric power. 

Although the project will take at least six years to deliver, thanks to the swift intervention of Turnbull, the energy crisis that Adelaide faces in the summer of 2018 will be solved by 2023, using 1950s technology. Boom. Problem solved.

Also, this week Turnbull announced that he wouldn’t be able to work with the new head of the union movement, ACTU Secretary, Sally McManus after she said it was alright to break the law when the law is unjust.

The Chaser fully endorses this remark — and not just when the law is unjust.

Turnbull attacked her for the remarks but her endorsement of breaking the law have found surprising support from employers. In particular, the owners of 7/11 endorsed the breaking of industrial laws, saying they’d been doing it for years.

Charles Firth
Managing Editor

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