Bring as many babies as you like to our comedy shows

We are making our shows the most baby friendly shows in the country!

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Hello parents,

Following this week’s news coverage, we’ve had many people questioning whether babies are allowed at our shows and we say that it is totally fine, although we do insist that you buy a separate seat for the baby. It’s not a safety requirement or anything, it just means more money for us.

Also if the baby is crying loudly: don’t worry about it. We’re used to it. In fact, crying loudly is the most common audience reaction to our live shows.

If you would like tips to calm a baby down quickly, our advice is to grab a drink from the bar. A drunk baby is a happy baby, in my experience.

In fact, we are so pro-baby at shows that we plan to introduce activities that your baby can do while you watch the show. Later this year, we will be introducing an arts and craft station in the back room of every live show. There, babies can learn the art of crafting our merchandise for us.

There is just something about their smaller hands that are perfect for making our T-Shirts. And we find the sound of everyone around them laughing helps them to work through the pain, much like they will do when they grow up and get a real job.

So come down to our shows, have a laugh, have a drink and relax in the comfort of not having to hear your baby screaming through the soundproof workshop bunker your dear angel is locked in.

Alternatively, you could just give them an iPad to watch Bluey on like everyone else does. That’s guaranteed to make them cry.


John Delmenico
Lead Baby Wrangler at The Chaser

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