Announcing Chaserfest: A Music ‘Experience’

The only music festival left in Australia

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Are you disappointed by the constant cancellations of Australia’s Music Festivals?

Well don’t worry, because we are happy to announce the sure-fire success of Chaserfest: A Music ‘Experience’!

For the low, low price of 3 months rent (not including food, accommodation or drugs), you can experience a music fest like most others.

Get a photo in front of the Chaserfest sign and experience nature with our complimentary mud baths (when a mudslide hits your tent at night).

But of course no music festival is complete without a line-up of musicians who are described by many as some of the musicians you can find in the world.

Out headliners include:

  • DJ Albo
  • Midnight Oil
  • The guy from LMFAO (not Redfoo, the other one)
  • Kyle and the Backstage Gropers 

Plus a packed roster of other acts including:

Generic Triple J band, The Other 30 Generic Triple J bands, King Pinger and the Dealers, Green Night, Arcane Fire, Tones and Me, Taylor Slow, The Round The Twist theme song, Second Verse of the Australian Anthem, The Remaining Beatles (but as animatronics), Regal Ottum, Rove McManus, Australian Idol 2008’s 8th Place Recipient, The 4th Jonas Brother, Big Time Thrush, You the Reader, Annie is Ok, Whitey and The Trust Funds, Mean Boys, Ice-Cream Van DJ, Jeremy from Down the Road, Masked Singer costumes (not including performers) and the People you had to Google from I’m A Celeb!

Get in quick before Tickets sell! (No refunds!)

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