Am I racist fear mongering or are migrants just SUPER SCARY, STAY AWAY!!!

Sussan Ley responds to allegations of racist fear mongering

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Hello Australia,

Sussan Ley here from the Australian Liberal Party. I would like to respond to the ridiculous allegations that I have been engaging in ‘blatantly racist fear mongering’ stemming from the times I have said that all refugees are A THREAT TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!! HIDE, HIDE NOW!

I want to make it clear that I am not xenophobic, I mean some of my favourite political donors are white foreigners.

I just think that if people want to come to this country they should do it the right way, by being a tax-dodging billionaire who wants to drain our country’s resources for their own profit.

I am simply just concerned about the safety of women in this country. That’s why I am a part of the Federal Liberal Party, the safest place to be a woman.

Just this morning one of my lovely co-workers slathered his cum all over my desk, making it nice and sticky for me so that I don’t slip over while tweeting that all refugees are potential sexual predators.

What I see when I am looking at the Rorschach test these cum splotches have made for me, is a team of highly paid professionals who want to do what’s best for this nation’s white women… I mean women.

Make no mistake, my fear of migrants is not without merit. I mean there was a story of a refugee being charged with sex crimes, before he was then released by the police who said they got him confused with someone else and he definitely wasn’t the one who committed the crime. BUT HE WAS ARRESTED FOR THE CRIME HE DIDN’T COMMIT THEREFORE WE SHOULD BE AFRAID OF ALL REFUGEES!

I ask all the voters out there, am I really engaging in racist fear mongering or am I simply right in saying that maybe there is a person of colour hiding in your floorboards turning on the stove when you aren’t home! ARE YOU SURE YOUR STOVE IS TURNED OFF?

Clearly the real people to blame for any alleged racist fear mongering is the migrants themselves. They come to this land and disrupt our peaceful way of life by existing in a way that angers people like me. Which is totally on them.

If you vote out Labor in the next election I promise to fix all this mess once and for all, locking back up all the refugees that we are constitutionally allowed to (which is none of them).


Sussan Ley
Deputy Leader of Opposing

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