Mark Zuckerberg still waiting for AOC to approve his friend request

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faces an anxious wait to see if Democratic lawmaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) will accepted his friend request, following his grilling by her in the US House of Representatives financial services committee.

“She went hard on me and definitely asked some difficult questions, but that means we’re friends now, right?” Zuckerberg asked his executive assistant.

“Sure, there’s no set formula for how many IRL social meetings you should have with somebody before friend requesting them, but I feel like the way she hauled me over the rocks on my links to Cambridge Analytica and the far right… she obviously really feels like she knows me.”

“From my perspective it felt like a genuine human to human connection. Fascinating!”

Zuckerberg had still not received a response six hours after making the request.

“She’s a busy lady, I guess she just hasn’t had a chance to log in and check her notifications yet.”


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