Huggies move operations base to Engadine McDonalds

In a shock development, iconic Australian nappy manufacturer Huggies has announced it is moving its base of operations to Engadine McDonalds – and not to South East Asia as previously reported – in recognition of its need for high level sanitary protection.

The announcement comes after claims Prime Minister Scott Morrison shat himself at the McDonalds following the Cronulla Sharks loss in the 1997 Super League Grand Final.

“You may have read a line about about packing up shop and heading to our Singapore HQ to be closer to the latest engineering advancements in nappies and pants,” said a Huggies  spokesperson today.

“But just like our products it was quickly pointed out that excuse was full of shit, and that the real regional epicentre for doo-doo developments was actually only a stones throw away from our original Ingleburn base.”

“With the massive  spike in pants-shitting being reported there recently, we just couldn’t look past Engadine Maccas as the new base of operations for the Huggies family of products.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison could not be drawn to comment when questioned this morning, but later released a statement saying he was happy to see the jobs staying in Australia, and that how could anyone not shit their pants after seeing their beloved Sharkies go down to the hated Broncs in such an appalling performance.

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