White House fears Democrats could dig up Trump’s old tweets from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
Trump has posted 55,000 tweets from his account with 53,000 containing objectionable content
News Corp columnists rejoice at New Zealand’s COVID-19 resurgence
They then retreated to one of Rupert Murdoch's many lairs
Fears Harris candidacy a ‘trojan horse’ that may allow a non-rapist to end up as President
It is rare for the presidency to be occupied by someone who treats women with respect
Confused Trump can’t decide between sexism and racism as best way to attack Kamala Harris
Why not both
War criminal George W. Bush moves to distance himself from Ellen
I cannot stand by someone who would torture others
Internet Explorer now only used to download better browsers
At least it's more useful than Bing
Whole of Australia now doing 20-second hand wash in just 5 seconds
"They never thought anyone could run a four-minute mile, either"
‘Dan Andrews is a dictator!’ bemoans man who can vote for someone else at next election without repercussion
I didn't vote for this dictator... twice!
Western Sydney rap crew confirms masks have been mandatory since 2017
"It’s safety first."
‘Being called a Karen is the worst thing I’ve ever experienced’ says woman coming to creeping realisation
"It was the nadir of my entire life."

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