As Google threatens to block search in Australia, nation fires up the ol’ Ask Jeeves
"Anything but Bing"
Man in room next to tennis player about to lose his fucking mind
"Bang, bang, bang -- all fucking day"
‘It’s not Invasion Day, it’s a day to simply celebrate the invasion of Australia’ says PM
And to somberly reflect on the seasickness that many convicts must have felt
Trump drowns his sorrows with a strong glass of bleach
"Ah 2020, a good year for Clorox"
Fox News blasts Biden for “unacceptable” 4 COVID deaths on his watch
"The blood is on his hands"
World excited to be bored by politics again
"See you at the mid-terms"
Trump regretting not banning evictions during covid
"How can this be legal?"
Nurse coming off a double-shift devastated to hear a model had to wash her own hair
"We have all had to make sacrifices"
Pigeon allowed to stay in Melbourne after an intense two days of tennis lessons
"Clearly it's essential"
Trump to put AUSTRAC in charge of vote recount
"Maybe they will get it right!"

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