“Anti-vax tennis players are a danger to society” says government full of anti-vaxxers
"These tennis players have big influence"
Dominic Perrottet tells coastal NSW to learn to live with Tsunamis
'No-one could have predicted global warming'
‘Nothing is free’ says man who just paid $6 billion to not buy any submarines
Except that
Compromise reached: Australian Open to be held inside a Hillsong Church
The virus will never find us there
Medical Miracle: Government halt the spread of Covid by just declaring everywhere a Hillsong Church
It's now impossible for it to spread
“Unlike Boris, I would never plan anything during the pandemic” Morrison assures nation
'You're welcome Australia'
Government finally acts on housing crisis by halting supply of avocados
Problem solved
Nation with no food thankful government spent crucial weeks focused on making it legal to fire gay people
What a lifesaver
Perrottet admits slight difficulty in enforcing new testing rules due to THE COMPLETE FUCKING LACK OF RATS
The $1000 fine is still cheaper than buying a box of tests
Christian Porter congratulates government on stunning victory in Djokovic case
Porter has described it as not not not a win

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