Pet snake decides to let owner live another day
Local pet python Carlos has decided to let his owner Trent Smith live another day
(You’ll never) Let it go: Parents brace for Frozen sequel
"It took the kids five fucking years to stop singing the last song. Elsa's got a lot to answer for."
Government orders plebiscite on Marriage At First Sight
"It’s trending every night, for better or worse, and we could only dream of that kind of popularity in an election year.”
Bigamist to appear in every episode of ‘Married at First Sight’
“Sean’s unique life experiences will really add to the show,” said executive producer Aaron Jones, “as well as cutting down on camera and travel costs.” "Some people may argue his inclusion is an insult to the sanctity of marriage - and indeed the common good of all humanity - but hey, so is this whole fucking show."
Man dies doing what he hated
A grumpy Queanbeyan man has passed away while double-checking the inventory log on a warehouse computer system. The man "died doing what he hated most."
Can this picture of a majestic bin chicken out rate the Today show?
The answer is almost certainly yes
Discovery of shallow grave ends 18-year search for Wally
According to an unnamed source, the corpse was dressed in a faded, bloodstained red-and-white jumper, wearing round-rimmed glasses, and buried with a cane
Labor campaign boost: Bill Shorten recognised by voter
The news is a relief for his campaign team after a weekend stuff-up where he seemingly failed to arrive at his own rally. According to sources, Shorten was actually present at the event, and even went on stage, but nobody realised that he was the Labor Party's leader
Big Bash Cricket: where the overs are limited but the seasons are ENDLESS
"Isn't there a six and out option?"
Sydney’s housing prices now marginally less fucked
Now you can not afford to buy a house by less than ever before!

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