Sydney Rail suggests passengers can avoid further delays by moving to a better city
"The express line to Melbourne is reportedly inundated with Sydney passengers."
Permanently Updating George Pell’s Commemorative Plaque
Returning George Pell's Plaque with super glue The Catholic Church denied we updated George Pell's plaque despite the overwhelming evidence.
NSW drops abortion legalisation in favour of just making young people wish they were dead
"We're taking the more subtle route."
Updating George Pell’s Commemorative Plaque
Updating George Pell's commemorative plaque We visited St Marys Cathedral this afternoon and noticed a plaque was in serious need
Coroner confirms Epstein committed suicide by repeatedly shooting self in back of head
"He then fled the scene on foot"
Purchase of cheap backyard firepit transforms tame househusband into a regular Bear Grylls
Camden Haven, Thurdsay: A $49.95 fire pit from the local hardware store has ignited a dormant, primal streak in an
Sale of Arnott’s business to include several other companies nobody wants
"Investors reportedly only want two or three of the companies tops."
Albo says he hasn’t seen any evidence of corruption in Parliament, and even if he had he wouldn’t rat to no Commission neither
Labor leader Anthony ‘stitches for snitches’ Albanese today claimed he has seen no evidence of corruption in the Australian Parliament,
Local man crafts elaborate disguise for hungover Sunday shopping run
Recently single Clayton man, Dean Ennis, has crafted an elaborate, Stasi-inspired disguise to avoid running into any familiar faces on
Strip club less classy than ad promised
"They didn't say anything about the tacky modern art prints or cheap carpet that's obviously designed to hide vomit stains."

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