Celebration in street as Australia marks never having to hear ‘There’s A Hole In Your Budget’ song ever again
The greatest victory
Morrison reassures colleagues he has secured 10 million votes to be delivered by 2023
It's not a race
Pauline Hanson quits parliament after hearing it will be run by a minority
"I don't like it"
BREAKING: Rupert Murdoch has lost the Australian Federal Election
It is the first change of leadership in 50 years
Daily Telegraph slams Labor for $6 trillion deficit
Morrison glad to finally get a chance to take a vacation
"I'm off to Hawaii"
Julia Gillard launches spill motion against Anthony Albanese
Former Labor Leader Julia Gillard has tonight declared Anthony Albanese’s reign of terror over, stating that as of today the
Sausage sanga wins election again
"How good is democracy"
Loose Unit Albo spends election eve doing donuts outside ScoMo’s house
"Yeeeeewwww" reported the opposition leader
Parents name new-born twins “Corruption” and “Climate Change” to stop ScoMo tackling them before 2050
"We also considered 'Barnaby Joyce's Sex Scandals'"

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