Kendall Jenner hospitalised after offering riot police a Pepsi
"It worked in the ad!?"
Antifa seeks CIA funding after being labelled terrorist group
Makes sense
Facing national crisis, Trump heads off for quick holiday in Hawaii
It's what you do
Police deny racism, claim murder of black man was just hundreds of isolated incidents
"It was just 500 bad apples."
Jesus would have knelt on the neck of an unarmed black man until he died, says Trump
"It's in the bible, I'm told."
Iraq launches invasion to bring democracy to America
Prepare for impending liberty
Trump angry he can’t rage tweet as 5G network fails to work from underground bunker
Trump called for physics to be defunded
Staffer slips DVD of Downfall under Trump’s bunker door
Worth a try
Dutton cancels viagra prescription after seeing video of police shooting journalists
"God, that's the good stuff."
Mexico agrees to pay for wall
"You've convinced us"

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