Refugee facing indefinite detention glad to know Albo voted for it with compassion
He knows what he is doing is wrong, which makes it better
Australians confused after seeing footage of Scottish treating refugees with empathy
Australians everywhere have been left shocked and horrified today upon seeing footage of a mob of Scottish citizens brutally protect
Israeli Airstrikes kill 17 of Palestine’s most dangerous children
Their crimes included skateboarding in front of a public library
“What’s the point?” Ellen ends show after not being allowed to abuse employees anymore
Her heart's just not in it anymore
ATO to reclassify houses as luxury items
The new classification better represents the modern market
Treasurer heroically gives back some of the money he has cut from essential services
Also tax cuts for the rich, the fix to any situation
Government frantically erases $30 Billion DogeCoin investment from budget plan
To the moon!
Research suggests in the feud between Melbourne and Sydney, both can fuck off
We get it, just shut up already!
UN successfully stops inhumane regime with strong condemnation
The Israel/Palestine conflict has been solved for the 3rd time this week!
Liberal Party promises extra $100 billion for cum-proof desks in parliament
The party is looking to show that they’re serious about women’s issues

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