WA introduce voluntary euthanasia in vain hope any Australians will survive long enough to use it
"This will be a great step forward in medicine if the climate doesn't get us first."
Fire fighters recalled as Scomo learns burning bush protected by religious discrimination bill
And lo God said unto Scomo, go thee unto Engadine and thou shall sharteth muchly
Morrison declares smoke “only a concern for the entirety-of-NSW bubble”
"You people need to get out more"
Even company that accepts old underwear doesn’t want religious discrimination bill
"We'll take anything but that pile of garbage"
Scomo demands cricketers play harder after learning fires still not out
"It's bloody unAustralian!"
Sydney man books holiday in Beijing for a bit of fresh air
"It'll be nice to see the sun"
Scientists deeply worried after climate disaster reaches “white people wearing facemasks” level
"I didn't wear one for swine flu, but I'll wear one now."
Silhouette of Scott Morrison assures Australia that all possible aid will be given to New Zealand
"Finally a problem that doesn't involve the climate"
Doritos sales skyrocket as Sydneysiders flock to their bags of air
"Wait, what's this chip doing in here?"
Morrison on Sydney climate fires: “There’s nothing to see here”
"I can see no evidence for climate change, or anything else for that matter."

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