Father introduces son to life-long hatred of fishing
"I'm going to let my boy find his own interests. And he's crazy about car shows, just like his old man. Isn't that right, son?"
#Eggboy celebrates easter by smashing chocolate egg on Frasier Anning’s head
Anning did Nazi it coming
Nation’s journalists seen wandering around aimlessly after MAFS finale
"What will we do now?"
Man buys Big Issue for the articles, not just to ease conscience
A Melbourne businessman claims his recent purchase of the “Big Issue” was due to his interest in the magazine’s editorial
Disney burns down Notre Dame to make way for improved CGI remake
JUST weeks before the launch of digital adaptations of ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Aladdin’, the Walt Disney Company has again
Second coming ends prematurely as Jesus killed in American airstrike
Jesus's father, God, and close relative, the Holy Spirit, have both expressed grief at the death
Israel Folau tearily comes out as dickhead
"I don't want to hide it anymore"
Poll reveals Dickson voters would prefer if Dutton lived outside their electorate too
"The further away he is the better."
Fears for Antony Green’s safety after ABC forced to rethaw him from cryofreeze twice in two months
A team of biomedical engineers are providing around the clock care to ABC election analyst Antony Green, after colleagues noticed an adverse
PM’s campaign off to a rocky start after he demands battery be removed from his ComCar
"That'll show Labor that batteries in cars are a stupid idea," a smirking Morrison told reporters

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