Cory Bernardi celebrates Pride Month by finally fucking off
"My work here is done"
Announcing National Sickie Day 2019
Help raise awareness for sickies and chuck a sickie on Friday 28th June
39 year old woman secretly chuffed to be asked for ID at bottle shop
"Excuse me young lady"
Radiohead raided by Karma Police after leaking own music
"The man is a creep"
Dutton denies organising raids and threatens to raid whoever claims that he did
"Whoever leaked that is going down!"
Huge breakthrough for fake meat – scientists genetically alter kidney beans to feel pain
"This is the biggest breakthrough since we taught them to fear their own mortality"
Apple unveil new $2000 monitor power cable
"This is going to revolutionise how you power your monitor"
AFP raid Nintento offices after hearing about Farfetchd’s leak
"Quick, get the battering ram!"
Local jobseeker having a really hard time choosing just one biggest weakness
How about I make a list
Apple announces it will shut down iTunes, as soon as cursor stops spinning
"Any moment now... oh there it... oh no it's just frozen."

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