Sydney friends’ facebook feed to become completely insufferable for next 2 weeks
Meanwhile Melbourne friends' facebook feed still just as insufferable as ever
Responsible Drink Driver Indicates Before Running Up Curb
"He was also sure to have his hazard lights on the whole time he was driving"
Foley defends ‘white flight’ comments: “I was incredibly drunk when I said it”
"To be honest, I usually try and hide racism by dressing it up with a bullshit class analysis. But I was so drunk I completely forgot to do that."
Local kid killing it at open mic night with smutty rendition of Cottees jingle
"My dad picks his nose..."
Telstra Outage Leaves Customers Unable to Scroll News Feed on Morning Bus
Workplaces have been plunged into chaos, with productivity up 150%
Earth Hour Successfully Offsets First 8 Seconds of Vivid Festival
"If we changed it to 'Earth Month' then maybe they would stand a chance."
Royal couple experience first night of dull, routine sex
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have had sex for the first time as a married couple, in a session the newlyweds described as “adequate”.
Prince Harry’s stag party enters 33rd year
"Almost time to call it a night I think," said Harry, "Well, maybe after ten more strippers and a bottle of absinthe or two"
WEDDING CANCELLED: Harry and Meghan split over whether it’s Yanny or Laurel
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have announced they are calling off their wedding, citing “irreconcilable differences” over whether it’s pronounced Yanny or Laurel
Mueller asks Trump aides to pause corrupt deals to give him a chance to catch up
Mr Mueller said it was having a genuine impact on his enthusiasm for bringing down the President. "I took this case on because it was a simple open and shut case of treason. But there are just so many other, extra crimes, it's becoming a real bore.