Young couple buys a house with nothing but saving, dedication, and a $2.5 million loan from parents

Local scrappy go-getters Anne Murdoch-Rinehart Xavier Richbottom the Fourth and Xavier Richbottom the Fourth have today told young people everywhere that buying a house is still possible if you put your mind to it, after they managed to buy a 2 story terrace with nothing but hard work, savings, and a $2.5 million dollar loan from their parents.

“It’s about doing it yourself,” said Richbottom. “For example, since finishing school I’ve been hard at work networking with father’s friends, meanwhile others my age were wasting their time working minimum wage jobs and obtaining expensive degrees.”

Murdoch-Rinehart told the Chaser about her tips for saving money like riding a bike to work, using an off-shore bank account, and choosing the cheap caviar for your yacht parties.

“It’s all about finding little savings in your day to day life,” she explained. “See I simply lived at one of my parents’ houses to save on rent and then took out a zero interest multimillion dollar loan from my parents, because if they gifted me the money it would avoid the watchful eye of the tax department. I don’t know why more young people don’t think of things like this!”


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