Unbelievable: Out of control radical lefties now making wildly unreasonable demands for access to shelter, food, clean air

Sky News host Peta Credlin has today warned fans that radical left wing forces are now conspiring to give everyone clean air and drinkable water.

“These crazy lefties will stop at nothing to give your children a liveable future,” raged Credlin. “Just a few years ago, they were content with fighting for equal pay and basic human rights. But now, they’re demanding the impossible – access to shelter, food, and clean air. It’s clear that they have lost touch with reality and have become completely unreasonable.”

“If these people want ‘oxygen’ and ‘water’ just handed to them by the government, maybe they should move to communist China,” continued Credlin. “Why should hard working billionaires across this country be forced to kneecap their coal businesses, just because some crazy greenie thinks they’re entitled to not have their house flooded every three months. Unbelievable.”

“I’m sick of people always looking for a handout from the rich,” concluded Credlin. “Now to my next topic, ‘if Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t give Sky News free money every month then Facebook should be banned from Australia.'”

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