The Chaser welcomes our new staff writer Israel Folau

We at the Chaser would just like to take a moment to announce how happy we are today to offer comedic genius Israel Folau a role as our new head writer on chaser.com.au.

It’s not often you come across someone with the ability to create headlines that are so ridiculous and absurd, yet so funny they make you cry with laughter when you read them, and even more rare to find someone who can deliver these lines in such a professional deadpan manner. Much like Ali G, Norman Gunston and Mark Latham, in this field, Folau truly is a once in a generation talent.

What made us decide to appoint Folau as our new head editor? Well his most recent hilarious headline work – “Israel Folau links bushfires to same-sex marriage” was just one of many hits he’s had in recent years that made us sure he was the man for the role. Who could forget the classic “It’s discrimination that I can’t discriminate against gay people” gag, or the time he, a multi-millionaire footballer, said he needed the public to crowdfund his legal fees to defend his Christianity, despite the bible specifically denouncing excess wealth as sinful. Folau truly is a master of the art of comedy that we could only aspire to.

So we say good luck to you Folau, we wish you the best. And we hope you enjoy every minute of working out of our office on Sydney’s Oxford street. We’ve already opened a tab for you at the local bar.

The Chaser


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