Sportsbet pays out early on Thrones ending – “Daenerys has this in the bag”

Betting company Sportsbet has today paid out earl to those betting on the end of popular TV franchise ‘Game of Thrones’, stating that they’re pretty sure Daenerys will claim the Iron Throne, and they might as well not wait another few hours to find out if that’s correct.

“I mean, come on, did you see last weeks episode?” said one Sportsbet employee. “She totally wiped out everyone who opposes her. Pretty sure she has this in the bag.”

However, employees were shocked to learn that there may yet be a twist ending, with any one of the remaining characters still in contention to win the Throne. “What do you mean John Snow might make a last minute claim?” asked one “He can’t do that, we’ve already paid out 5 million!”

“Aw dangit, Mr Roberts is gonna be so mad. This is even worse than when we paid out halfway through the long winter episode. I totally thought the Night King was going to ace it.”


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