Sky News weirdly not concerned by dictatorial Premier imprisoning protesters

Sky News presenters have been noticeably quiet this week, following news that the UN has condemned NSW Premier Dom Perrottet for violating a protester’s human rights.

The network known for labelling things like vaccines, health warnings and face masks during a global pandemic as ‘classic dictatorial behaviour’ has seemed unconcerned by a peaceful protester receiving a longer jail sentence than 90% of politicians stung by ICAC for corruption.

“How can anyone be mad at Dogooder Dom?” asked host Peta Credlin. “I mean this is what good leadership is. While not perfect, he is putting the needs of the vulnerable Rinehart community above the convenience of selfish individuals making unreasonable demands, like a liveable planet in the future.”

Meanwhile other Australian media outlets have criticised politicians across the political aisle who supported this bill, asking how anyone could think this is ok, before going back to delete all their posts from earlier this year calling for people to run over climate protesters with their cars.

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