PM who shared every single curry he cooked didn’t think extra ministries deserved a mention

Former Prime Minister and chronic over-sharer Scott Morrison has defended failing to make public his secret ministry self-appointments, by saying he had far more important things to share.

Morrison said that he thought people were much more concerned about what he was doing with his spare time instead.

“When you’re Prime Minister, Treasurer, Finance Minister, Resources Minister, Health Minister, etcetera, etcetera, all at the same time, you obviously have a lot of hours to kill,” Morrison told reporters. “I thought people were too fascinated with the progress of my chicken coop at the time to care about any abandonments of the conventions of the Westminster system of government.”

Morrison also wanted to make clear that his intentions for secretly swearing himself into several powerful portfolios were pure.

“I made these decisions because it was an unprecedented time that required drastic action and because of my blood thirsty craving for ultimate power at any cost,” the ex-PM assured concerned Australians.

“But once again, I only wanted to share with the Australian public things that are absolutely essential… like my latest ukulele solo!”

“Take me to the April sun in Cuba…”


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