Pauline Hanson demands immediate inquiry into how they get cars inside the mall

Letter K enthusiast and senator Pauline Hanson has today demanded an immediate halt to all parliamentary business until they can get to the bottom of how those display cars get inside shopping malls.

“Can somebody please explain?” Hanson was heard fuming while investigating a RAV4 parked in her local food court. “This car doesn’t belong here, it should go back to where it belongs!”

“Plus this sign says it has a ‘trans mission’,” she continued, “so God knows what kind of brainwashing it’s attempting on our kids!”

Hanson however later reneged on her calls for all cars to be removed from shopping mall walkways, agreeing to let any stay as long as they’re white. “Actually I quite like this one,” said an impressed Hanson inspecting a new replacement. “Look it’s got a white hood you can put on and off depending on whether you want to be seen. This is my kind of car!”

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