North Korea release pictures of Kim Jong-un alive and well

North Korea have today squashed reports that their supreme leader is gravely ill following the first appearance by the President in months. In an incredible show of power, a Hawaiian shirt wearing Kim Jong-Un was wheeled out in dark Ray-Bans by his adoring security guards at a ceremony in Pyongyang’s town square this afternoon.

With ‘Stronger’ by Britney Spears blasting in the background, The Hermit Kingdom’s commander was assisted to a podium where DPRK’s Chief of Military Mee Nah-Lie addressed the public. “As you can see, our fearless leader is healthier than ever! Please ignore the strings.” Mr Nah-Lie explained as Mr Kim waved to the crowd with one hand in an up and down jerking motion. “Please understand, Mr Jong-Unwell is very tired from single handedly eradicating Coronavirus from this planet. He will therefore not be answering any questions at this time.”

Mr Jong-Un’s next scheduled appearance will be at BFF Donald Trump’s Long Island beach house for an end of COVID-19 party. Actors Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman are also expected to attend with critics already panning the third instalment in the series.


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