Local woman rushes to date man who shouted compliment from moving vehicle

Local woman Ashley Fakename has today begun the hunt for her solemate, after falling deeply and madly in love with a man who shouted that she was ‘hot’ from a passing car.

The love stricken Ashley was seen today scouring her local area, checking every lowered 2001 Toyota Corolla with rims to see if it is driven by her speed dealer sunny wearing prince.

“It’s just so hard to find a man who knows what a woman wants these days,” explained Ashley. “Thanks to romcoms and feminism, most men these days think women are looking for a partner who is a friend, a companion, someone who is excited to hear how your day went, who grows to love you just a little more every day, who loves you for your faults as much as your strengths, who sees you as a person of agency with a rich inner life, but secretly really all we want is a guy who will shout we have nice tits while speeding by at 70kms an hour in a school zone.”

“How could I resist that kind of allure.”


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