Heartwarming: After this teen went viral singing Metallica, Lars Ulric reached out to let them know they owe him royalties

Local Metallica fan Emily Roberts has this week had her dreams come to life, after she was personally sent a cease and desist letter by the band over her use of their trademarked name in a twitter post.

“I never thought this day would happen,” said an ecstatic Emily. “I mean I’ve heard of fans being shat on by the band before, but I never thought I’d be personally chosen to receive one of Lars’s personally crafted lawsuits!”

The news comes on the tail of another TikTok user this week receiving a personal message from the band after her cover of the band’s song ‘Enter Sandman’ saw the single rocketing back into the global charts. “We were just blown away by the kids talent,” explained Metallica singer James Hetfield. “So when we saw her TikTok had millions of views and had introduced a whole new generation to our music, we of course reached out to let her know just how big a royalty cheque she owes us.”


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