Following The Crown’s lead, Sky News to pre-warn viewers that their stories are mostly fiction

Fans of Sky News have expressed shock and outrage today, after it was revealed that most stories featured in the news network’s programming were complete fabrications and not at all based in reality, in what Sky are justifying as “The Crown” model of news broadcasting.

The warning, to play before every show broadcast, will alert viewers that occasionally elements of the stories told in the show may accidentally be true, and that viewers should use their own discretion to filter out any accidental pro-Labor sentiment.

“Unfortunately we can never really know what goes on behind those closed doors,” said Andrew Bolt, reporting on people inside their homes in Melbourne. “But we can only assume that they are probably cowering in fear, afraid to leave because of all the African gangs roaming the streets.”

However, News Corp have hit back against critics who say their passing off heavily slanted opinion as serious journalism is damaging the profession, stating that the opposite is in fact true. “Just watch this video of impartial observer Peta Credlin stating that we are all really good journalists,” explained one executive. “You have to believe what she says, after all her previous career as Tony Abbott’s chief of staff means she is clearly the most balanced and fair broadcaster you’ll ever come across.”

“Just ask anyone on Sky News and they’ll agree.”


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