Empty Sydney lion enclosure listed for $800 a week in rent

Sydney renters are eagerly lining up for a chance to view a new rental property that has recently become available at Taronga Zoo.

The newly vacated lion enclosure was listed as a 5 bedroom, no bathroom, no parking townhouse located in ‘the heart of Sydney’ as “an adventurer’s dream” and “great for families who take pride in their home”.

“Honestly, we’re thrilled potential renters have to pay $51 for entry,” said property manager, Imnot Lyon. “I can’t believe we never thought of that ourselves”

The real estate company described the property on their website as ‘a spacious open plan concept with 360-degree views, in built security systems and conveniently minutes’ walk away from slightly unclean bistros and frequently cancelled public transport.

Tenants will also have the option of being fed 2kg of raw meat per week and being tranquilised while having photos taken with tourists every day at 10:30am .

‘At least it has heating and a sheltered place to sleep,’ remarked one viewer, ‘and no mould?! Worth viewing at the least.’

The property is expected to lease immediately for $100/week over asking price and a $5,000 cleaning fee per month. Sorry no pets.


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