AusPost exec forced to return watch after it turns up three days late and broken

An Australia Post executive has received her congratulatory Cartier watch six weeks after it left the depot. Carole Pushkin took delivery of the package on Friday.

Pushkin was rewarded with the designer timepiece after increasing sales of ‘Australian Birds’ calendars, country music CD boxsets and novelty staplers within the New South Wales market.

“I understand they left the ‘e’ off my surname so the postman became confused and afraid,” said Pushkin when asked to speculate on the delay. “When the package came back I didn’t answer the door within three seconds, so they left again. The third time I got lucky!”

“I’d have honestly been happy with a few stamps, or one of those pens with a torch in,” said the 48-year-old. “But, I have to admit, it’s very nice to feel appreciated.”

“I’m just glad it’s finally here,” she continued. “Unfortunately, it arrived smashed to fuck.”


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