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Woman who bought dress for $3 from weird Instagram ad surprised to find it’s shit

A woman who bought a dress from a site that also sold potato peelers is experiencing buyer’s remorse. Claire Kingsley-Graham spent the equivalent of four bananas on the green size 10 dress only to discover it was not on a par with Givenchy’s best work.

“You’d think you could trust a business that advertised in three languages, sometimes all in the same sentence,” said Kingsley-Graham. “I assumed the price was so low because they offset it with profits from their inflatable chairs, novelty window frames and long, nondescript rubber things.”

“When the dress arrived I spent 45 minutes trying it on, most of which was spent working out how to get into it. I’ve honestly never seen anything shaped like this, let alone an item of clothing. The picture made it look like I could wear it to a movie premiere, but I couldn’t even wear it to a party where the theme was ‘shitty dresses’.”

“I’m surprised Facebook would allow such a misleading post on their otherwise trustworthy site. I’m going to send an email to them as soon as the circulation returns to my hands.”


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