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Struggling young people encouraged to just cut back on food, housing, electricity, transport…

Young people need to stop complaining all the time. Just because the climate is collapsing, the economy is in shambles, the biosphere is depleted, and none of them can afford shelter, doesn’t mean they don’t have it better than I ever did!

Why for two years between 1988 and 1990, interest rates were higher relative to income and house costs today! And yes maybe houses are now five to ten times the average cost of when I made my first purchase, and sure they might be paying most of their income into rent due to their inability to secure a mortgage putting them into a vicious cycle of perpetual servitude to a feudal style landlord class, but maybe if they just pulled a little harder on those bootstraps they’d have favourable economic conditions handed to them like I did!

If young people want to buy a house they just need to stop buying avocados, coffee, petrol, movies, electricity, vegetables, entertainment, and heating. Plus if you just bought a house like I did, you wouldn’t be wasting a third of your income on rent every month like idiots. It’s just common sense.


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