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Struggling boomer spending HomeBuilder grant on conservatory for his conservatory

A cash-strapped homes owner has confirmed he will put the HomeBuilder grant towards the second conservatory he had been thinking about. Stan Frampton said it had been a harrowing experience saving for the $150,000 needed to do the renovation. “I had to cut my living expenses a bit for the past two weeks to save up some money, and I still only having 95% of the money I need.”

Retiree Frampton, who bought his first house aged 12 with the money from his paper round, admitted that having a conservatory on your conservatory was an unorthodox home improvement.

However, the 67-year-old former shop assistant said he had struggled with the renovation. “I’m running out of possible additions for my house having already built a swimming pool, annex, third storey, workshop, ‘vanity garage’ and stables.”

“It’s been a tough couple of weeks in the Frampton household,” he said, “but this is what the younger generations don’t understand. If you want something you’ve got to save for a couple of weeks to raise the $150k you need for it.”

“Alternatively,” he said, “you can just wait, safe in the knowledge that the government will always give the most money to the people have the most money.”

“This is actually my third conservatory,” Frampton admitted, “if you count the one on the side of the house. Or the fourteenth, if you count the ones on my investment properties.”


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