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Pringles to give away free magnifying glass with every can to help customers see their chips

Pringles, the beloved snack company known for their tasty potato chips, has today announced a new promotion that will see every can of Pringles will come with a free magnifying glass, in order to help customers find the chips in their Pringles cans.

“We’ve been getting a lot of feedback from customers recently that our tall cans are only a third full, meaning customers have to peer into the bottom of the can to find our product,” the spokesperson said. “We considered some pretty out there ideas at first, such as ‘just putting more chips in’ or ‘not price gouging customers for what’s effectively just half a reconstituted potato mixed with a bit of salt’ but those were just impractical. Then one of our genius scientists had the brainwave of giving everyone microscopes, so our customers will be able to see every single chip, no matter how small it may be.”

Some customers have expressed skepticism about the promotion, noting that Pringles has clearly been using a technique known as “shrinkflation” to steadily reduce the amount of chips in each can per year. “I used to love Pringles, but if I wanted to buy an overpriced can of air, I might as well just buy some Lynx Africa,” one customer complained. “I guess the magnifying glass will come in handy for when I try to read the ‘gamble responsibly’ warning on SportsBet ads though.”

Despite the criticism, Pringles remains confident that their new promotion will be a hit with customers. “We are always looking for new and innovative ways to delight our customers,” the spokesperson said. “In fact we’re already planning an exciting new run of ‘half size’ magnifying glasses next month, and then some even smaller ones after that.”

“You know what you say about shrinkflation. Once sizes drop, you can’t stop.”

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