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Pete Evans to collab with Gold Coast hairdresser on new tin foil hat line

Vaccine expert and former TV chef Pete Evans has today unveiled a new line of tin-foil hats. Teaming up with the famous Gold Coat hairdresser who has begun turning away vaccinated clients, Evans said the new partnership was a natural fit.

“As a celebrity chef, I know a thing or two about working with fruitcakes, so I’m very at home with this new collaboration,” said Pete. “Plus thanks to all the bleach treatment’s she’s done she’s got a lifetime experience making tin-foil headware, and the history of vapor inhalation to prove it.”

Asked whether this new line of tin foil hats, designed to stop all 5G radiation, is just the latest in a long line of quack cures including the light machine that claimed to cure coronavirus and the activated almonds that cure your cravings to eat almonds, Evans said this time the product is guaranteed to work. “I’ve been wearing this tin foil hat all day and I haven’t died once from 5G radiation,” explained. “I don’t think any further evidence is needed, no matter what the TGA might say.”


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