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Pauline Hanson demands more locally acquired cases 

Pauline Hanson has called for foreign-acquired cases of COVID-19 to be limited in favour of Australian-made cases. Ms Hanson called on scientists to develop an Aussie-made strain of the disease, and said locally acquired cases should take precedence in any increase in the numbers.

The majority of Australia’s COVID cases have been acquired overseas, or have been traced to those returning to the country. However, Hanson is pushing for a cap on so-called ‘foreign COVID’ in favour of dramatically increasing home-grown infections.

“Please explain why we are talking about cases from overseas when we have the resources here in Australia to start a proper, significant local outbreak,” she said. “It’s time we remembered who we are as a nation, and focused on spreading the novel coronavirus between Australians and Australians only.”

“It is, frankly, pathetic that countries like China and India have more locally-acquired cases than we do. This weekend go out, catch coronavirus off an Australian, and do your bit for your country.”


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