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NSW praised for acting quickly on Corona by shutting down all public events 5 years before outbreak

The Berejiklian government has today been praised for their foresight by the World Health Organisation for their foresight in shutting down all public events long before coronavirus was even a thing.

“It was incredible foresight,” said one doctor from the WHO panel, “the streets of Sydney are bare, nobody wants to use public transport, and all big events have already been shut down. It seems like New South Wales might be the most prepared place in the entire world for the ourbreak of a pandemic.”

However, the NSW government was confused at the praise, asking what this ‘coronavirus’ thing is that everyone’s talking about. “Huh, virus? What? Oh no sorry we’re still focused on the floods and bushfires, I didn’t even know there was a virus going round,” said Premier Berejiklian today. “Good thing I thought to wear a facemask today then isn’t it! I was just wearing it in case one of those ravers decided to smoke a weed somewhere near me and it got into my lungs and killed me instantly.”

Upon hearing about the World Health Organisation praise, members of NSW parliament were said to cheer loudly in celebration, before being raided by police for noise complaints.


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