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Local woman winds down for bed with a relaxing podcast about serial murder

Local woman Stacy Killman has expressed relief after finally being able to relax from a stressful day of work with a calming podcast about a brutal murder spree.

“It just helps me unwind,” said Ms Killman after putting in her earphones, “and nothing helps me drift off to sleep better than hearing about how twelve women were brutally murdered by home intruders in the middle of the night, sponsored by Squarespace.”

However not everyone is thrilled with Killman’s new obsession, with her boyfriend Dave expressing that he secretly has concerns not only about the podcasts but also her new favourite genre of Netflix. “She keeps telling me there is no need to be concerned, but there is only so many ‘fun girlfriend murders boyfriend’ documentaries I can watch without asking questions. You won’t tell her I said that right? Please, I’m begging you, I’m scared. What if she…”

UPDATE: A missing persons report has been put out regarding the whereabouts of Dave, if anyone has seen him lying around, Stacy urges you to reach out to her directly with your name and address.


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