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Julia Gillard launches spill motion against Anthony Albanese

Former Labor Leader Julia Gillard has tonight declared Anthony Albanese’s reign of terror over, stating that as of today the chaos and instability will end.

“Anthony’s five minutes as PM was simply not sustainable,” the New PM Gillard told the press tonight. “I promise from this point on there will be no more infighting, no more backstabbing, and no more, oh dear sorry I have to go I’ve just been informed another leadership spill has been called.”

Meanwhile the Liberal Party has hit out at Labor for their political instability, before immediately also replacing their old leader. “Unlike Labor we’re here to stay,” explained new Liberal leader Peter Dutton. “I Scott Morrison, oh sorry old speech. I Josh Frydenberg, wait no sorry that’s next week’s one. I Peter Dutton will be leading the Liberal Party for years to come.”

The Greens have meanwhile pointed out that they have been led for years by Whats-his-face.


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