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Grandma wishes grandson a “Very happy sent from my iPhone”

Local Grandmother and part time telemarketing victim Dorothy Hayes has today embraced the digital age, using her brand new Apple iPhone to wish her 14 year old grandson a “Very happy sent from my iPhone.”

Leaving the birthday/gratuitous marketing message on her grandson’s Facebook wall, Dorothy also took the opportunity to catch up on all 500 of her grandson’s tagged photos, liking every single one of them, and commenting with 500 variations of “look Like.. fun… timmy,, Love grandma… xxx.”

However grandson Timothy was less than impressed, stating that he would have much preferred the usual postcard packed with unmarked $5 bills than the heart attack of seeing a sea of his dickhead mates liking and replying to his grandmother’s messages on Facebook.

“Thank fuck she doesn’t know what gilf means,” says Timmy “or I’m pretty sure I’d be disowned by her.”

“When she brought it up on my last visit after reading Robbo’s “kind message” from a screenshot of my Facebook wall that she had somehow printed out, I nearly died. I told her it means ‘Grandma I’ll love forever’ once I managed to pick myself up off the floor, but if she one day learns how to use Google without accidentally loading Media Player, I’m done for.”


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