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George Calombaris releases recipe for ripping off employees at home

Celebrity chef and former MasterChef judge George Calombaris has posted a video showing how to recreate the recipe for ripping off employees from home.

Calombaris gives viewers step by step instructions to replicate the exact experience of dining out at Nandos or Rockpool or Fratelli Fresh or Grill’d or Subway or Crust Pizza or Muffin Break or YogurtBerry or Jamaica Blue or Coffee Club or pretty much any other food chain, from the comfort of your own home.

Facing the camera while standing over a pile of financial papers, Calombaris began by listing the ingredients needed to first entice employees, and then underpay them by $7.8 million.

“First you’re going to need this” explained the restaurateur, holding up the labour contracts of a hospitality group relying on casual workers. “And make sure that you’ve got plenty of goodwill stashed in the pantry – you’re going to need all of it later on!”

Working through the recipe, Calombaris can be seen giving his personal tips on getting the most from the recipe.

“Now, a common mistake many business owners make is to put too much in here”, he said, gesturing towards an envelope marked “Superannuation”. “I’ve always said that when it comes to this stuff less is more.

“And don’t worry if you put too much ‘money’ in your own envelope and don’t have enough for for the other envelopes, explained the perpetually on-edge former star. “You can just say it was an administrative error and that you have no idea how it all happened,” he chuckled.

The video has been welcomed by viewers. “Being in lockdown, I’ve been wondering how to recreate some of my favourite dining experiences. But this really lifts the lid on what was missing — now all my dishes have Calombaris’ trademark bitter aftertaste,” said one fan.


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