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Flood victim changes name to Harvey Norman in hopes of getting some government funding

As the victims of the devastating floods in Queensland and New South Wales struggle to secure enough money to rebuild their destroyed houses, some communities have taken the extreme measure of legally changing their name to “Liberal Electorate” to secure more government funds.

“After everything I’ve lost, I am willing to do anything,” explained single mother Harvey Norman. “And in good news, ever since I changed my name, the government has started driving truckloads of cash to my house. I’m doing even better than my neighbour Womens Changeroom.”

“I’m not the only one who has tried to get funding this way, I actually took the idea from my brother Cole Rinehart and his wife Marge Inal-Seat. After they changed their name they had had millions of dollars thrown their way and a yacht to traverse the floods.”

The Lismore council have taken inspiration from these entrepreneurs and begun the process of renaming the town ‘Murdochville, Hawaii’.


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