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All of NSW going to either Byron or The Entrance sounds like a great idea, says Gladys

Gladys Berejiklian is encouraging NSW’s 7.5 million people to stimulate local tourism and go on holiday in the state even though there are only two places anyone goes.

The Premier announced this week that holidays will soon be allowed in time for the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend. It is understood that 3.5 million people will spend it at Byron Bay, while the other 3.5 million will go to The Entrance.

“We expect all 15,000 people at the bar at The Beach Hotel in Byron to stand 1.5 metres apart from each other,” said Ms Berejiklian.

Meanwhile, experts are predicting a new strain of the coronavirus to emerge from the sanitation facilities at The Entrance RSL as a result of the millions of new shits coalescing there.

A spokesperson for Destination NSW pleaded with holidaymakers to think of somewhere, anywhere, different within the almost million square kilometres available around the state. When challenged on where, the spokesperson said that he was sure there were other holiday destinations in NSW other than Byron Bay and The Entrance but he just couldn’t think of them at this exact moment.

But Sydney man Eric Fenwick said that he planned to change up his holiday plans this year to try and avoid the crowds. “We always go to Byron for our holidays, but this time we’re going to mix it up and go to The Entrance.”


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