General News

Qantas celebrates massive improvement after flight arrives only 5 hours late
With almost 3/4 of the luggage
Terrified Manly Sea Eagles flee field after light rain produces nearby rainbow
“You should rely on God rather than governments” announces Morrison, accidentally leaking the coalition’s entire disaster plan
"Sorry wrong card"
Christian Porter declares Jo Dyer has suffered another humiliating win against Porter
'When will she learn to stop with the crushing victories? It is embarrassing for her'
Kylie Minogue cut from Neighbours finale after role gifted to John Barilaro
It has been described as "completely normal"
Djokovic finally records court win against Australia
Djokovic finally triumphs over a shot
Sydney house prices skyrocket after every house gains a waterfront view
Some houses have even gained new indoor pools
Crypto investor increases efficiency by just flushing cash down the toilet
'It's the block-pipe chain'
Rupert Murdoch to divorce after getting caught fucking America
Reports that she is glad that he only did it by email
NSW Sentences Climate To 2 Years Jail For Blocking Roads
"Bloody literal climate protestors"
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