General News

Holden: A tale of under-warranty car repairs
In honour of Holden's announcement that it would shutting down in Australia, here is a nostalgic look at the history of this never-great Australian company
“People can’t expect to mouth off and then keep their job!” says man who defended Israel Folau
"That's not how it works
Budget deficit solved: Angus Taylor sells newly filled Warragamba Dam to foreign investors
"We'll make thousands!"
Israel Folau unsure whether to blame gays, or thank god for flood
"I'm in a bit of a bind"
Celebration as natural disaster averted by slightly less horrific natural disaster
"It's a terrible miracle!"
God answers Morrison’s prayers by delivering unwanted pools to marginal electorates
"It's not corrupt if God does it."
Government awards Adani coal mine $3 billion to upgrade sporting facilities
"God they don't even have a squash court!"
Pistol and Boo placed in protective custody ahead of Barnaby Joyce’s leadership spill
"It's for their own good."
Treasurer announces policy reversal: pay $1,000 or else you’ll be flown to Christmas Island
Budget crisis solved!
Bridget McKenzie to be punished with $10 million a year coal board job
"That'll teach her"

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