General News

Sydney Rail suggests passengers can avoid further delays by moving to a better city
"The express line to Melbourne is reportedly inundated with Sydney passengers."
NSW drops abortion legalisation in favour of just making young people wish they were dead
"We're taking the more subtle route."
Sale of Arnott’s business to include several other companies nobody wants
"Investors reportedly only want two or three of the companies tops."
Husband totally interested in hearing about partner’s wacky dream last night
“It was like we were back at Aunty Helen’s place, except everybody had vacuum cleaners for arms, and I was
Olympics to introduce new sport of opening microwave door just before beeping starts
Competitors will be marked on their ability to not wake the judges
Millennials flood housing market after EFTPOS outage leaves them unable to buy smashed avo
Housing crisis solved
Telstra proves its ready to takeover NBN by wiping out EFTPOS network
"It's the classic NBN experience"
Serving suggestion seriously underestimates local man’s lack of self control
"Serves 4, or 1 if being realistic."
Local student shows off culinary flare by adding egg to rehydrated mi-goreng
"Bomb abba teet!"
Australian government condemns U.S. over immigrant detentions – “Quit stealing our ideas”
"Come up with your own human rights violations"

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