Pay, or don't pay, whatever you want

In 2018, the Chaser embarked on producing a parody travel guide so amazing in it's wit, so cutting edge in it's humour, and so outdated in it's choice of medium that nobody dared to buy it.

But now, thanks to the horrors of modern technology, we are able to give away our hard work for free over the internet.

So as a very late or very early Christmas gift, we present to you, "The Chaser's Guide to Earth" completely 100% free*, the only thing it will cost you is various identifying data points about your shopping habbits that we can sell to Russian spammers.

If you enjoy this sample please remember we've got a whole bunch of other magazines on sale in our online store, and a lot of angry mobsters who we owe a lot of money to.

The Chaser

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*The Chaser reserves the right to sell your kidneys at any time without notice.