“You can’t just change the Little Mermaid to be black!” complains guy who worships a white Jesus

40 year old men have taken to social media in droves today to criticise the casting of the latest Little Mermaid film, stating that as the intended demographic of a Disney movie about princesses, they are all very offended to have not been consulted.

“It’s just not scientifically logical,” said long-term (as of yesterday) fan Raymond Cyst. “When I grew up, Ariel was always presented as a mermaid but now a human’s playing her? It just feels like there’s an agenda here.”

“What’s more, since when are mermaids allowed to be black?” he continued. “I think it’s a pretty far stretch of the imagination to think that a half-fish princess who gets cursed by a magic sea witch in between singing songs with sea urchins could be anything other than white.”

“We all know the only underwater creatures that aren’t white are the Jamaican crabs,” he explained. “That makes way more sense.”

Update: Fans have now been placated after Scarlett Johansson was re-cast to play the first black little mermaid


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