Western Sydney rap crew confirms masks have been mandatory since 2017

A Western Sydney drill collective has pointed out they have been wearing masks everywhere for the last three years. Penrith-based group RithGang also claimed to have been mainly working from their homes over the same period, and avoiding shaking hands in favour of other greetings.

A spokesman for the group said “Masks are a non-negotiable with us. You have to wear one to remain in the group, and out of a state-run institution with a small bed and bad food.”

From behind the designer face covering he said that, along with masks, everyone had to wear at least half a tracksuit – “It doesn’t matter which half” – and Nike TNs.

Questioned on the public’s response to the early adoption, he said “Sometimes people, like in banks and petrol stations, would ask us to take them off. But it’s safety first.”

“You always get idiots like the New South Wales Police that wish we wouldn’t wear them. But it’s a matter of self-preservation.”

Getting uncomfortably close to this Chaser reporter, he finished by saying “And covid can uck-fay off-yay too, the dog cunt.”


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