“We’re giving The Chaser a new show” says ABC who can’t dispute this cause they’re blocked

The ABC corporation has today announced a brand new raft of 50 TV shows, all produced by the Chaser team, in what the company is describing as “the best business decision we have ever made.”

“I don’t know what it is exactly,” said the head of ABC Ita Buttrose. “Ever since our ability to correct stories was cut off I just really felt like announcing a return of the War On Everything. Hell I might even give all the Chaser team a $30 million each just for kicks, and also they’re going to replace Michael Rowland on the breakfast show while we elope together in a steamy love affair.”

The news comes as no surprise to the millions of loyal fans who tune into the Chaser’s posts every day on Facebook whether they like it or not. “Yea to be honest it’s getting a bit stale now,” said one local Facebook user who hasn’t seen a non-Chaser post in three days now. “Pretty much 90% of my feed is The Chaser and Jimmy Rees. They’ve just re-invented 2010s ABC.”


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