JK Rowling furious to hear monarch has transitioned to a man

Author and activist JK Rowling has put out a furious statement on social media today, upon hearing the news that the British monarchy has transitioned to a man.

The fantasy novel villain tweeted that the ‘so-called transition from Elizabeth to Charles’ was an attempt to erase all female monarchs and endangers females in positions of power around the world.

“I will not be silenced anymore,” said the world’s most published author. “It’s just common logic that a Queen can not be a man! What’s next, knighthoods for women? Male Princesses? Book authors who pretend to be men when writing crime novels on the side? The world has gone mad!”

Those close to Rowling have told reporters that she has been taken to a remote location in Scotland where she will be kept comfortably away from the knowledge that the Queen preferred to be known by the alternate pronouns “we/one”.


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