Game of Thrones editors respond to fan complaints, release blindingly bright episode

Fans of Game Of Thrones were ecstatic this week with the release of the newest episode in the popular franchise, which saw the entire episode turned up to maximum brightness in response to fan complaints.

“I was a little skeptical,” said series editor Guy McName, “But when we did a test screening people seemed to love it. Turns out the only thing people love more than watching Game Of Thrones is sitting staring at a blank screen and imagining their own perfect ending that our writers could never possibly live up to. Frankly it’s a win for everybody.”

“It was brilliant,” commented one fan online, “bringing back the White Walkers? I never would have seen that coming! And I didn’t, in fact I didn’t see anything, my retinas burned out around the two minute mark.”

However not everyone was impressed with the changes, with online commenter ‘GRR_martin69’ taking to Reddit to blast the series creators. “Atrocious, what the hell were they thinking!” commented the anonymous poster on the fan theory forum. “Couldn’t see a thing! How the hell am I supposed to finish these books if I can’t even follow the story! One star.”


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