Blokes from Lego Masters dubbed prefered PMs following last night’s Channel 9 debate
'They were the only people that night who showed any professionalism'
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Oscars rush to re-award best drama
"It's a huge hit"
Karl Stefanovic recovering from pink-eye following 60 Minutes interview
"It is an honour to have the PM's fecal matter in my eye"
Project viewers ask why PVO refused to smile during roast – ‘he came across very rude’
'I mean why even show up at that point?'
Chris Pratt joins the cast of Spiderverse 2 as Miles Morales
"It's a me, Spiderman"
Alan Jones spends final show slamming ‘lazy unemployed’ people like Alan Jones
Cancel Culture strikes again
Report: Everyone on the Bachelorette wants to fuck Osher
'I have found the one'
‘Squid game will make my child violent’ complains parent who lets their child watch Squid Game
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SHOCK: Woman with 10 years experience briefly earned more than rookie male colleague
What a hypocrite Lisa is!
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