Musk and Grimes agree to share custody of ‘most annoying’ title
Musk will have it alternate weekdays and every second weekend
Experts hoping Ivermectin will cure some of Joe Rogan’s more horse-shit ideas
'It does fuck-all for covid but could help clear up his brain worms'
Dave Hughes announces ‘Hughesy We Have A Problem’ has found a new home at Sky After-Dark
Months of auditioning has paid off
Kochie develops pink eye after Frydenberg interview
'Wow you actually know how to wash a plate?'
Matt Canavan demands Wiggles go back to working only with white guys like Rolf Harris
'This could damage their legacy'
OnlyFans bans OnlyFans after the company fucks itself
Investors won't like that
Channel 7 renames ‘Home and Away’ to ‘Home’
A big change for the dozen or so people who watch free-to-air
Immigrant Katie Hopkins steals job from Australian racist
We have more than enough home grown racists!
Ben Roberts-Smith Trial declared most entertaining thing 7’s produced in years
The perfect mix of tragedy and comedy
Channel 9 denies lack of diversity in Covid ad, “Karl is a person of colour”
"We can't be racist, one of our employees is Karl"

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