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We are contractually required to be pleased to announce a new sketch comedy series
The War on
Schwarzenegger ends term as Governor: lowers himself into molten metal
The governor offered a frank apology for his shortcomings as a cybernetic organism programmed only to kill
Harry Potter ends: children stop reading
"I'll be saying ‘avada kedavra' to my interest in books"
Judge rules Paris is “in” this season
"This season it'll be stripes."
Even stars now sick of ‘Little Britain’
"We took random sketches from past shows and packaged them together for broadcast while we took a break," said Lucas. "No-one noticed."
Al Gore plants a tree to offset speech at Oscars
This story is generic and uninspired
Tom, Katie unwrap 391st wedding e-meter
They'll go well with the 17,042 free informational DVDs about Scientology
Hair gel banned on planes: Il Divo cancels world tour
Pop-opera supergroup Il Divo has been forced to cancel its world tour after the foiled terrorist plot in Britain led
‘Bert’s Family Feud’ reinvigorates euthanasia debate
Television legend Bert Newton’s unseemly descent into mediocrity has led to calls for him to be allowed to prematurely his
Dan Brown asks plagiarism accusers if they’ve got any ideas for a sequel
Da Vinci Code novelist Dan Brown has asked the writers of Holy Blood, Holy Grail whether they have any other
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