Crowdfund: Vladimir Putin Toilet Paper

If there’s one thing people love during a disaster, it’s unnecessary purchases of toilet paper, and 2022 should be no exception.

Following sell out runs of our Rupert Murdoch loo-roll, for this week’s Chaser GoFundYourself we’re looking to gather 500 orders to create a run of custom printed toilet paper with the face of everybody’s favourite Russian President on it.

The rolls will come in two-packs, printed in black and white on soft dimpled 2-ply paper.

Please note: As this is a crowdfund, the product will not be sent to production until the goal is met. Time from order to shipment can take upward of two months with current shipping delays, so please don’t order this if you’re sitting on the toilet right now urgently needing a roll.

We’d also advise to keep in mind that this is an Aussie fundraiser, and we currently don’t know if it’s feasible for international orders to be shipped without blowing out our budget. We’re going to leave the option for international orders open for now, and we’ll simply not charge any overseas customers if it all proves too costly.