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‘We all need to check our privilege’ says actual prince
He said it with a straight face
NSW reports outbreak of 7.5 million cases of ‘being a smug bastard’
The figures show exponential growth
Travellers from Victoria screened to make sure they can shut the fuck up about ‘laneways’ for five minutes
For just one second
Prince Andrew devastated to discover he bought airline
"Oh? It's an airline?"
China to simply buy up Australia’s missiles if we ever make one that works
Morrison refused to rule out selling them to China "for the right price"
Obituary: Ghislaine Maxwell (1961-next week)
The news came as a shock to no one.
Balmain Harris Farm shopper always suspected Woolies plebs were diseased
"See, I always said they were diseased!"
Unilever writes long ranting post accusing boyfriend of cheating before deleting entire Facebook account
The conglomerate had a public meltdown
Coca-Cola to boycott Facebook (but will still check it occasionally using girlfriend’s login)
It has quit to spend more time living in the moment
Trump’s niece hides revelations from him by putting them in a book
It was the safest place
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