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Government of country which is half on fire pretty sure climate change isn’t a thing
"Everything is normal"
Local man now against cruelty of horse racing after losing $500 on a flutter
"It's a bloody travesty!"
Melbourne Cup staff roll out tarp for drunk bogan who took a tumble in 5 inch heels
"This old girl is on her last legs"
Glue factories roster on extra staff ahead of Melbourne cup
"It's our biggest day of the year"
Scott Morrison hands self over to police after realising boycott ban is technically a boycott
People like me should be banned
Unauthorised Woolworths Discount Announcement | Video
All staff have been massively reduced!
“Epstein’s injuries look like murder”, says pathologist about to unexpectedly die peacefully in his sleep
"If you look right here at the aaargghhhhhhh."
Game of Thrones writers quit Star Wars after learning franchise has already been ruined
"That was our job!"
Sydney Rail unveil new ‘high speed’ transport option
"'Twice as fast as train travel"
Peter Dutton voted scariest monster at halloween party despite forgetting costume
"All the children were crying"
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