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“It’s not about masks, it’s about human rights!” claims guy who never once gave a shit about Nauru
"Specifically, only my human rights"
“Dan Andrews was too lax” says guy that held off lockdown for a week so Hillsong could hold a party
"He should have done what I'd do and fly to Hawaii"
Single parent unable to pay rent relieved to hear Gina will be getting a tax break
"She's earned it"
Party that called for closed borders at last 30 elections demands borders be reopened immediately
"Send in the refugees!"
“Won’t somebody think of the children!” ask institutions that covered up decades of child abuse
"I mean the unborn ones"
Daniel Andrews to win over News Corp by taking 3 week holiday in Hawaii
"That's more like it"
Karl Stefanovic sacked by Nine following revelation that he’s not anglo
"We can't have this!"
Nine deny lack of diversity, pointing out that time they had a ranga on Today
"Diversity accomplished"
Government announces university students who fail economics will be fast tracked into Federal Cabinet
"It's only fair"
War criminal George W. Bush moves to distance himself from Ellen
I cannot stand by someone who would torture others
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