Shock addition to our Live Show line-up
Andrew Hansen joins The Chaser’s Charles Firth and The Shovel’s James Schloeffel, plus one special as-yet unannounced guest
Barnaby Joyce blames entire career on Ambien
"Look, I'm terribly sorry about the Sunday Night interview, I was Ambien interviewing," he said, speaking privately to the entire national media
Barnaby Joyce wondering whether interview will affect future chances of picking up
Barnaby Joyce has expressed privately to the nation’s media that he’s beginning to suspect the events of the past few months may adversely affect his ability to pick up staffers in the future
Scientists discover cure to lactose intolerance is just wanting to eat the food
"The findings have been met with applause, and flatulence."
Public shocked to learn Dominos, creator of choc-ice cream pizza, is not a health food store
Why did nobody warn us that fast-food was unhealthy!
Public crowdfund $160,000 to pay Barnaby Joyce not to talk about his sex life
Every Australian has been asked to do their bit to put a stop to this national tragedy
Sydney friends’ facebook feed to become completely insufferable for next 2 weeks
Meanwhile Melbourne friends' facebook feed still just as insufferable as ever
Responsible Drink Driver Indicates Before Running Up Curb
"He was also sure to have his hazard lights on the whole time he was driving"
Foley defends ‘white flight’ comments: “I was incredibly drunk when I said it”
"To be honest, I usually try and hide racism by dressing it up with a bullshit class analysis. But I was so drunk I completely forgot to do that."
Local kid killing it at open mic night with smutty rendition of Cottees jingle
"My dad picks his nose..."