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Clive Palmer’s inspiring transformation: “I will become a human meme”
The Businessman and former politician has dropped a whopping 40 viral tweets over the last few months – and he can't wait to drop more
Tropfest to support female directors as long as they don’t know they are female directors
Tropfest: ‘We will always support women in the industry as long as we don’t know they are women in the industry’
British Backpacker’s embarrassing backflip: admits ‘massive’ night was actually just ‘large’
The backflip follows intense questioning by friends who noticed that the backpacker could recall far too much of his night for it to be as 'massive' as suggested.
Lack of genuine emotional connection, not spilt milk, actually source of Susan’s crying
‘I’m lactose intolerant’ she said. ‘And I just think this has more to do with trust issues stemming from my messy divorce’
Man’s generic hot weather status’ gets him scouted by Sky News
‘This man is an icon and a visionary.’ he said. ‘In the heavy rains last week, Peter was the first to inform us that it was ‘Pissing down’
Bernardi vows to build wall along Australia’s border with Mexico
“The silent majority of this country want to keep their jobs, ban all Muslims and Mexicans and star in the apprentice.” Bernardi told The Chaser
‘I call my own shots’, Bannon tells Trump to tweet
According to White House sources, Trump calls his own shots as long as Bannon has called the same identical shots
Male Judge: Miss Scarlet was ‘asking for it’ in the pool room with the lead pipe
Judge Robert Griffith seemed to empathise with Plum, and spoke to the court on Plum’s obvious remorse.
Peaceful New York park
Wave of Bowling Green inspired attacks leaves US overrun with peaceful non-events
Sporadic outbreaks of tranquility have forced citizens to casually flee from cafes and food stands after finishing and paying for their meals
Turnbull changes Facebook relationship status, posts emo memes following Trump phonecall
JUST days after ‘standing by his man’ in refusing to criticise the United States’ new immigration policy, Malcolm Turnbull has