General News

Extra $4 billion funding allows struggling private school to finally build 3rd swimming pool
Outrage after revelations that Miss Piggy prefers it “froggy-style”
Following the revelations that Bert and Ernie are a gay couple, a flood of other salacious details about the private lives of muppets has been leaked by an ex-writer on the Sesame Street program
Woolworths tells customers to throw out candy bananas because they are fucking gross
"We fear some of our lolly bags may have been contaminated with them"
Inner-city resident isn’t hosting a podcast
McIntyre is disappointed to be the only resident of Australia's inner-city areas who isn't hosting a podcast, but says it's "just one of those things. Maybe I should do a podcast about it?"
Woolies to trial “just walk out” checkout, also known as “stealing”
“I haven’t used the checkout for years,” said Keith Belan, an ice dealer from the Central Coast. “And I don’t even need an app. I just walk out.”
NBN boss blames slow speeds on everyone refreshing their browser to check who’s Prime Minister
"P-- lea-- se st--o-p u-s-in--g t-the in-tern--et." begged the CEO via Skype
Fraser Anning picks up job as Sky News presenter
Bob Katter’s Australia Senator Fraser Anning says he has never heard of the Nazi Party, despite claims he was seen
Turnbull takes action against the drought by putting on an akubra
With climate change in full swing, Turnbull has signalled his desire to take action to mitigate the drought by putting on
Introducing Sheilas – A new webseries
G’day Chaser fans, you may be interested to hear that our production company Giant Dwarf is about to launch a
Scientists Announce A.I. Now Advanced Enough To Run Fish and Chips Store
"Turns out even a One Nation sentator could do it, so it clearly doesn't require too much intelligence."