General News

Socceroos fans begin search for team they’ll support when Australia is eliminated
"Maybe I'll pick Russia, at least we will know they will have the home crowd, and the American government backing them."
North Korean/US Tensions Reignite as Both Leaders Claim Handshake Win
"This means war"
Driver Of Swastika Tank Revealed
"We should have known"
US, North Korea reach historic agreement to one day make historic agreement
"We've made plans to make history today"
Five Amazing Facts About the Queen’s Birthday Holiday
It's the Queen's Birthday Long Weekend, but did you know these astounding facts about this holiday?
Despite Setbacks, Corporate World Pledges to Keep Shitting on Everyday Australians
"You cannot stop us, Mr Macintosh is just one man, in a world full of shit CEOs"
Sushi train runs late and out of timetable order
The incident follows an horrific derailment at Redfern earlier in the week, which saw three victims sustain third degree wasabi burns to 70% of their bodies
Poo jogger hoping incident will quickly blow over
The poo jogger has told friends he’s hoping everyone will quickly forget the whole thing ever happened and move on with their lives
Shock addition to our Live Show line-up
Andrew Hansen joins The Chaser’s Charles Firth and The Shovel’s James Schloeffel, plus one special as-yet unannounced guest
Scientists discover cure to lactose intolerance is just wanting to eat the food
"The findings have been met with applause, and flatulence."