General News

Local man spends entire conversation trying to remember other person’s name
"I know it started with an A... or an F"
Police give up: crime investigations to be done only by podcast hosts from now on
The police force announced today that it had decided to give up trying to work out who committed all the unsolved murders and robberies, and instead rely on investigations by the hosts of true crime podcasts to solve crime
Video game violence blamed for sudden spike in Stagecoach robberies
PARENTS groups are up in arms after an unprecedented increase in stagecoach robbery and hog-tying since the release of Red
HR woman single-handedly lowering staff morale
Efforts to boost productivity and lower absenteeism only result in feigned enthusiasm and a sexual harassment law suit resulting from a 'trust fall' exercise gone wrong
Celtic tattoo a link to ancient culture of 1992
Experts say that while full meaning of the faded, slightly misshapen knot has been lost to time, it’s believed to be related to the ritual consumption of marijuana, a practice then known as “toking billies”
Every student in Australia comes out as gay, after learning it will get them out of school
"Worth it."
Melbourne to build their own Opera House just so they can be smug about not putting ads on it
"Take that Sydney"
Want advertise in Sydney? Call Alan… (VIDEO)
We decided to test out what the Prime Minister has called "The Biggest Billboard in Town"
Extra $4 billion funding allows struggling private school to finally build 3rd swimming pool
Outrage after revelations that Miss Piggy prefers it “froggy-style”
Following the revelations that Bert and Ernie are a gay couple, a flood of other salacious details about the private lives of muppets has been leaked by an ex-writer on the Sesame Street program